Babies With Wings

15 years and counting

January,4 2015 marked 15 years of missing my baby girl.. 15 years has come and gone.. Where did the days go, they turned into months and years, but the pain is still the same that never goes away. I believe we learn to cope with day to day life, we learn to block the pain and just get through today..When I found out I was having a baby I had so many hopes and dreams for my child. Looking forward to all the big moments we […]


Well I was asked a question by my therapist this week.. Here is what she asked me…WHO ARE YOU?? My job wasn’t to answer this question right away but to truly think about it.. and come back to her this week with an answer… Who am I???? this questions blew my mind cause truly who the hell am I!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes I am a wife,mother,a lover a daughter a sister a friend. The person many turn too for help in rebuilding there own life. BUT WHO […]

Does the pain go away!

I had a mother ask me today if the pain ever goes away. Well, I am sorry to say, that’s a BIG NO. I find that over the years the pain just gets deeper. Nothing can replace your child, no time can replace the heartache. I think for me, we just learn to live with the pain. We adjust our lives to fit the pain in. We live around the pain. Some days are better than others. We learn to function in this world the […]

Living for the moment… Live for today cause who knows what tomorrow my bring.. If you care say it.. if you love show it… if you don’t leave it…. I am a believer that if you care about others they should know.. If you miss someone tell them.. Don’t let the person never know HOW you  feel about them!! Never wait on tomorrow.. what happens if it never comes. So love Strong and be brave and tell those how you feel about them.. It will […]

It’s a new day

Well today was an AMAZING DAY!!! High on life today.. I went for the best hike ever!! So peaceful and I was able to clear my head…. I climbed a rock about the hight on my house and if you know me I am scared of heights!! SO this was a big deal over coming that fear!! It felt great to be fearless I just did it and I did it ALONE!!! I sat there for around a 1/2 an hour just thinking and thinking.. mostly […]


Most days I love the rain!!! But today not so much.. I really want to go for a nice long run today.. maybe I am just being a baby and should go in the rain… I guess I will not melt right!!! I received  great news last night. For the second time  BWW has been nominated for the who’s who award!!! Fingers crossed.. Biltmore is a company that recognizes people who are making a difference in their Communities. This is an honor to me. But I guess not everyone in my circle consider this a accomplishment!!! […]


This song is my life… I think she is speaking about ME in this one!!! loving me isn’t easy.. and for that I am sorry<3 I am who I am but doesn’t mean it’s right!! THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME FOR ME!! and not for giving up when many would have!!! “Complicated” You’re not easy to love You’re not easy to love, no You’re not easy to love You’re not easy to love, no Why is everything with you so complicated Why do you make […]

Fighting within you

This is a song called don’t let me get me!!! I have always said sometimes we are own worst enemy, Well I know I am.. Never win first place, I don’t support the team I can’t take direction, and my socks are never clean Teachers dated me, my parents hated me I was always in a fight cuz I can’t do nothin’ right Everyday I fight a war against the mirror I can’t take the person starin’ back at me I’m a hazard to myself […]

Still smiling

I love days like this<3 when everything goes good<3 and you can smile and really enjoy life!!! Be well with tons of love, Candi And I ask HOW WAS YOUR DAY???(that’s for you and panda bear) song for the night.. Train— MARRY MEForever can never be long enough for me Feel like I’ve had long enough with you Forget the world now, we won’t let them see But there’s one thing left to do Now that the weight has lifted Love has surely shifted my […]

Why I do what I do

I run BWW because when I lost Katharine Mary. I had NO ONE.. Well I did have my mother. but I had no where to turn to deal with my broken heart and my broken life. I stood there looking at the floor and my life was on a million pieces and I was lost on how I would figure out how to go on. How to life again. I NEVER want another parent to feel this way.. BWW is who I am..If you know […]

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